Beyond War: Chi Rho Symbol

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This () is the CHI RHO, shown for detail using the KHI RHO COPTIC NOTATION. It is the name of Jesus Christ, and in all Beyond War products will always "Bring you home", as it is the sign of the King of Kings. BEYOND WAR is a testament to the need for good persons to be humble in their character, silent in their nature, almost invisible as if they are never there, and to act with no regard for the approval or endorsement of others or welfare of themselves, solely in the interest of what is right and good on the reliance of what they believe and the compassion for all living things.

In this (), as a warrior narrative of the tradition of Old Testament faith made promise, is the story of the King of Kings so retold by SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP in its work of fiction, "Beyond War".

Look for the Sign of the King, and know you are not alone.