Notice: Fair Market Valuation

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With the prior in mind, a valuation is not a "fair market price", where such goods or securities are representational of rights not themed a commodity, to include intangible property and license of content and characters covered by the Benre Convention and other theories at law.

Therefore, a "valuation" may not be themed a "fixed promised par value" in such context, or implied return on investment in proposed sale or capital fundraising for specific goods and services, including equity shares or other instrument for a skilled working group.

The ability to assemble, operate, and to obtain and accomplish delivery of goods in a timely market which are subject to outside interference and duress, may not be themed a broken promise where such acts not customary to ordinary business or commerce are explicit - such as piracy and threats of harm to family members to obtain official acts or assert legal claims upon which equity or investment is then predicated.

To make such claims whatsoever, or to participate in the taking, concealment, or organized justification for sale or use of goods seized, is criminal; in any part or portion, and without necessity of agreement among parties a legal conspiracy so defined in 18 USC 241 and to impose unlawful impact not consistent with 18 USC 242, such as child snatching (21 O.S. 21-891).

A seller may not, unless the issuer, make such claims of value to any party - either for or against the value or claims in prospectus of the issuer.

The issuer may tender offers, hear offers, and make notice to up to twenty (20) persons per year in exemption, for privately held securities without regulatory FINRA report due; and discuss the value of such security or property or bond in detail barring an actual quote or equity in public.

This is why, in public notice, mention of shares or share prices by private firms are not made, and such notice in making to the 'general public' is prohibited as they are not 'accredited investors', so defined as 'sophisticated persons' in the Securities Act of the UNITED STATES and similar act of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

For this reason, the presumption that such security is not real or registered or authorized, or has a value which must be made a proof to the public at large, is PROHIBITED CONDUCT and a form of extortion and racketeering.

Corporations trade value, which is different from 'fair market price" or "trending exchange per diem value of shares", rests on their reputation and confidence in the brands, products, and right to sell and exclusive right to use such intangible property so made for commerce or internal use. Any threat upon that right made in public or communicated or distributed by any person is a criminal act when produced as a legal fact in claim, such as 'value" or "price" not an offer subject tender its rejection by qualified owners of the property or issue or other regulatory rule.

Recent efforts to "allege fair market value" based on "forfeiture or liquidation value" of a firm dealing in intangible property, to equate equity in physical property a price by which restitution is limited, is fraud and a TERRORIST HOAX. Further, we allege such action a motion of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA against our firm, and on behalf of TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD and TENCENT SHENZEN CO LTD, a competitor in name and brand to our firm; acting also on behalf of investment from NATION OF JAPAN known to us as NTT GROUP and its subsidiaries (COGENTCO, PCH.NET, and other NGO and for-profit organizations collectively operating in interest of NATION OF JAPAN illicitly in the UNITED STATES since 2001).

Persons acting as agent to these firms, represented as a $100 billion illegal 'labor organization' under Oklahoma Constitution ARticle XXIII section XXIII-1A, are barred from ownership, exercise, proxy ownership, or entitled sale of securities by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its associated licensees.

These rules made and so entered into the formal bylaws of each firm participating against this foreign influence over domestic industry disclosed in TENCENT purchase of "EPIC MEGAGAMES" and "RIOT GAMES", and paired with abuse and false claim of sale by PARADOX INTERACTIVE, owner of CCP INTERACTIVE AND WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING, competitors of our firm in Oklahoma.

Be ye so advised, these parties are competitors, and their persons in agency whether registered or unregistered appear to our officers as foreign agents of NATION OF JAPAN and proxy financial firms themed PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA commissioned franchises, to include DIGITAL REALTY TRUST and other corporations formed through donations from NTT AMERICA, a domestic derived subsidiary of NTT GROUP and 25% owned NATION OF JAPAN national business.

As such, no party so identified will be granted access, information, or permitted to tender offers or claims either directly or through any third party for certificates or stock, equity, or rights in our properties; and all such sales void on proof of their relationship so discovered in sole discretion of the firm and made entry then to record of the firm.

This is part of all securities and contracts made by the firm, and a term themed a clause to void such sale in full. We have received credible death threats from persons via MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter regarding this abuse, using terms from ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employees and citing TEK SYSTEMS as accessory, to warrant such action and bar the prior firms from all job sites associated with our projects, works, employees, and services broadly.

The effort to disrupt the right to make and receive offers duly tendered in investment, in competition with our service and property, support our right to this remedy and limitation on terms sheets for all securities and investment made; citing unlawful foreign agency and a clear and written disregard for UNITED STATES LAW in the doing of such acts toward our office and labor. SOFTBANK, as lender for NATION OF JAPAN, is likewise barred from all access and use of our property and products, and no offer from this NATIONAL SOVEREIGN FUND portrayed as a financial institution will be accepted by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.

Efforts to force this sale, and in light of financial aid to support such claims in par value or sub-par-value claims, are a pattern of behavior disbarring NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, and their representative activity in NORWAY, SWEDEN, DENMARK, ICELAND, THE SEYECHELLE ISLANDS, and several incorporated states of the Union of the UNITED STATES, prompted our decision. We will in future suspend all business with these nations due to this unfair and criminal trade practice, themed piracy and with hostages taken and sustained concealed illegally since 2001 August.

Arm Breaking Impact

After our client in 2015 was accosted and his right arm broken in his home, in retaliation for claims of this nature, we assert that the $300,000 in medical injury and $15,000 in additional surgery related abuse of this nature is excessive fraud to impact our valuation.

Disclosure today that such client in 2020 will "likely lose his right arm" if not immediately scheduled for surgery and bice procedure further underlines the very traditional aspect of this "buying of United States Police Officers" through foreign investment in excess of $100 billion USD in annual capital earnings, a form of graft to compel border-states and low-income states in the Union to side with foreign competitors against domestic enterprises and licensees duly authorized and standing thereof UNITED STATES SCHEDULE C CORPORATIONS, whereby any ordinary rights to equal access or claims under The Berne Convention bear no material value.

Our employees and their children are maimed by the gross criminal disregard of UNITED STATES CITIZENS rights in these actions, backed by SOFTBANK and NATION OF JAPAN via their intermediary TENCENT in SHENZEN DISTRICT, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, to the extent that restitution cannot restore the full function of the limbs, bodies, and bonds between parent and child facilitated by their interference in the UNITED STATES to compel surrender of intangible property.

Any valuation, therefore, may not rely on fair market price, where such demand is subject adverse claims by those nations, nor afford those countries access to our service or network whatsoever, there designated by IPKA identity systems as SEVEN ALPHA. Upon notice August 2 2020 of our intent to this system, did August 4 2020 PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA then respond with notice of their own privatized network and strong identity system to bar future business in the industry in dispute across all of China, affirming our claim of MARKET MONOPOLIES sought and asserted by PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA to limit, suppress, and mitigate 1st AMENDMENT RIGHTS of UNITED STATES publishers in their "labor organization" and region, and to use such market capacity to force the valuation of foreign software developers down through denial of equal access to foreign markets and domestic terrorism to dismember investor confidence in non-compliant corporations and projects.

We correctly see this as a form of financial intimidation of banks and lending institutions, themed censorship to guide equity and capital availability paired with organized and ongoing industrial espionage, by which ordinary valuation of goods and services become subjective to the potential markets closed by Japanese and Chinese monopoly practices against United States cultural and legal reserved rights.

Medical procedures are scheduled for August 19 2020 for our client, now unable to use a mouse without injury after his assault on false warrant and threat to coerce false record in suspension of medical treatment in custody of STATE OF OKLAHOMA. Likewise concealment of family members ordered to the POSSESSION of our officers and there concealed by STATE OF TEXAS illegally in fraud, fully summarize the extent to which this fraud makes subject any nation participating in license of property derived from BEYOND WAR or its related technologies during this deprivation of human rights.

There can be no Peace. - Nor valuation that admits such claims based on the prior injury not acknowledging genocide and criminal conduct, and such abuse themed theft of public office of the public trust, per Marbury v Madison, by foreign commercial influence to buy the office of a commissioned UNITED STATES officer against their will, by EXCESSIVE FINES, and by "Fraud, Force, and Threat of Murder."

The very term "fair" in "Fair Market" disclaims such abuse, a fraud before any ordinary sale.