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Payment may be made by certified funds provided verified deposit after initial transaction without other underwriting. Certified funds include escrow, crypto-token (with approval), and cashiers checks or similar secured funds. Credit and debit cards are not eligible for purchases over $500 USD due to risk of fraud in the VISA/MASTERCARD/DISCOVER system, and limited to 3rd party processor. We see this sort of fraud a lot, and as a result do not prefer credit/debit.

Computer Service is still offered as a community service for $300 per year or $60 per incident on demand. Client acceptance is limited, like other professional practices, to serve capacity and quality of service.

Generally, if you have over 6 incidents per year, you should consider the annual plan. Otherwise we offer drop off and pick up no contact service with appointment to receive and return your equipment (ID required).

Some limitations apply. Parts not included. Fee covers labor.

Scope of Service

To clarify:

We are an intellectual property company. A small company. And we offer local services. Specifically, we offer support to legally disabled persons at a pretty steep discount, too.

As a "Limited Liability Company" in legal name, afforded our use of such brands by State Law to simplify that using our prior name and brands so registered; any confusion is the result of an incompetent or malicious mind.

To raise capital for our venture and secure investment while maintaining creative control over franchise property rights and direction, we entered into research in 1999 to form a C Corporation separate from our firm.

That new separate corporation was named after our cat in 2009, for its ringed tail.

A second new and separate corporation in 2011 was formed and named after the technology used in our product.

This was done to create a shorter name for marketing and sales portals in on-demand and live video services, similar to Youtube or Twitch brands of GOOGLE and AMAZON parent companies.

These are stand-alone firms, not owned by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and are subject to a separate Board of Directors in each case. The Board of Directors represent stakeholders and International interest (United Kingdom, People's Republic of China, Scotland, Italy, and the United States) who make this expansion possible in new markets that the LLC cannot operate freely.

Our company "spun off" a wholly separate corporation in 2009 to take over all network infrastructure and enterprise network design and implementation for the products we continue to make. This was necessary due to NTT employee abuse of our network to disable our company, formerly an Intel ISP member, in unfair and illegal abuse of Interstate Wire fraud to conceal a child.

The Dedicated Networking Firm then "spun off" a dedicated application subscription service to manage the front-of-house sales in 2011 for their own products and other companies utilizing the software stack and hosting infrastructure created by that purely technical firm.

There are therefore three (3) legally distinct business entities you will be thinking of, one (1) company and two (2) Corporations of the United States. You may see Mr. Allen (above) on all three, as he is active in each business representing the intellectual property rights of the SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. firm in those roles.

Unlike "companies", "corporations" can issue stock. Limited Liability Companies of Oklahoma issue "member certificates", of which one person spreading false rumors has absolutely never owned a single one in our company, contrary her claims, and her contract as a pornographer in her own business made public to show our separation from association with her after she falsely claimed we worked for or with her. Claims to the contrary are criminal fraud. She is publicly known as EmerldGirl and by other names on VAMPIREFREAKS and certain BDSM message forums.

Our company is a limited liability company. "SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP" is a REGISTERED TRADENAME of that limited liability company.

There are other "REGISTERED TRADENAMES" for other divisions of the same limited liability company of the State of Oklahoma.

"MILITECH SYSTEMS" is one such REGISTERED TRADENAME. That means, it legally exists, and is licensed to operate under that name in the State of Oklahoma. It is the part of the limited liability company down the hall and to the left of our office, that builds computers.

Really really really expensive NVIDIA WORKSTATION class computers for business and enterprise clients.

Just because you are too stupid to understand how a "real" company works, or which department you are in, does not mean we owe you any time to explain that your d/b/a or other bullshit mark has no legal standing and is a "fictitious name" not-of-registry when you haul your smelly ass over to our office and call the cops every six months to try to harass us in this.

One of our company brands "builds computers", another brand "manages creative intellectual property" protected under 21 O.S. § 21-1951 "Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act" definitions and terms for franchise; and others do other things. If you want a tour, you need to file a request with the desk clerk, not talk about things you have no clue about.

Other brands include "SDA3.ORG" (another registered tradename), for the "SHADOWDANCERS ALTERNATIVE ARTS ASSOCIATION", which is our archive and research division for tabletop literary fiction and game historical work in consulting and event travel service.

All of these are "REAL REGISTERED BUSINESSES", as they are "REGISTERED TRADENAMES" of the same entity and related to the work across the spectrum with our software development group, "MILITECH.ORG".

Militech Systems builds the computers that Militech.ORG uses for software design and development, creating applications to support the Beyond War product and other space-war-simulation and real-time environmental navigation software. SDA3 ensure that no intellectual property belonging to a legitimate competitor is wrongly incorporated into our work, and the SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP manages the general work of publication and literary documentation required for preparation, sale, and passing on the franchise for implementation by our network infrastructure provider (a second company) and ticket sales service (a third company).

The only fraud in use of LEGALLY REGISTERED TRADE NAMES is the stupidity of someone to disclaim that as a "shell corporation" when none of those names use the word "corporation" and are all legally registered entities in the State of Oklahoma. "Shell Corporation" fraudulently suggests a United States Corporation exists to conceal another firm, when in fact all such business and infrastructure are fairly broad scope of work to service delivery and management in an Interactive Network Application with data center, telephone, sales, and event program licensing roles designed to service multiple clients and business applications, diversifying the skilled labor and venue access from the content developer of any one brand for a large scale enterprise application as most "game engine" products are. As SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. owns that engine, this activity suggests criminal effort by STATE OF TEXAS contractors across State and Federal borders in a flagrant Hobbs Act Violation to deceive the public in favor of investment in State of Texas and in radical democratic socialist stock fraud.

All the claims we have seen thus far represent s the delusional ravings of a paranoid mind - mixed with very real and criminal threats to menace, harass, and intimidate our employees and clients over 2001-2021. As such, we owe no explanation, but the public deserves to know what sort of fraud we are dealing with as this moves into securities fraud, forfeiture claims to overturn a County Seat in matters at law using their name in a "legal sham", and 21 O.S. § 21-1533 identity theft to damage our business and its legal franchise.

While this is pretty straight-forward for any real company in class 38 literature and printed media, software development, and simulation work; some claims made recently are pretty disgusting fraud violating 21 O.S. §21-1533 felony activity to deceive the public.

The word "company" and "corporation" are not interchangeable, either. We saw what you did there, with the SDC, and that C must stand for cunt, or it would be a felony to suggest your firm is a "corporation of the United States" or "company of the State of Oklahoma" in that manner and imitation of our (real, registered) "SDP" brand.

Fucking quit it now, before seagulls peck at your head.

That means CEASE AND DESIST false claims, in plain English.