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Limited Liability Companies do not have Registered Stock in Oklahoma.

A Limited Liability Company (L.L.C.) is comprised of MEMBER CERTIFICATES for which the number and registered holder are formal books of the company, so commissioned. Employment by the company and an empoyer-employee relationship does not qualify as membership or ownership of the limited liability company.

Any claim of ownership or equity in such franchise obligates the party to produce the certificate and bars them from making false claims, as such certificates are 'legal title'. To make such claim falsely is a felony.

"Beyond War"® is legally licensed solely to two firms, in which the UNITED STATES is the commissioner of such registered securities thereof. False claim in equity to these legal title or rights exclusive to those parties is also a felony.

As privately held firms, disclosure of shareholder identity is not obligated to any demand made by the public, and themed private. This is essential to protect persons from unjust intimidation and forced sale threats currently being made by our competitor at 2323 Bryan St Dallas TX (USA) and Reykjavik Iceland.


Network infrastructure of Beyond War is solely developed under license by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED of Ada, Oklahoma.

All subscriber and customer services, community, and management of accounts for end-users are licensed and distributed by DEEP LAYER INC. of Oklahoma. Fraud to allege representation of such property for sale or license without this written consent is a felony in identity theft of a UNITED STATES CORPORATION. Buyer beware.

Only the senior executive officer may make such offer, and such person and title are a protected office of the public trust, for which impersonation is criminal felony fraud.


Shareholders may not license, lend, disclose or otherwise violate any terms of agreement or shareholder rights, nor disclose property for use or distribution by purpose or negligence, to afford any transfer or claim of rights so reserved.

Investors must contact the registered agent and make a proposal with their legal identity for consideration of further contact and consideration in any offer. As a privately held firm, speculation upon assets, liabilities, value, or propositions related valuation by any person not an officer of the company so appointed to create the prospectus is a felony crime. The public should be aware of these rules in recent Chinese and foreign agent industrial espionage to force a sale or forfeiture of "Beyond War" and other protected works and technology covered by the Oklahoma Trade Secrets Act and Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act (21 O.S. 2268).

Shares representing this project constitute six million shares in final ownership, for which one million shares are common (controlling) and five-million preferred shares - both authorized by STATE OF OKLAHOMA. Network infrastructure and equity of no par value shares for devices, patents, and other trade secrets separate from the commercial community license of services over the Internet or other private packet-switched data-network are thus separate rights and title from this 'service portal and publisher' agreement - a distinct property. Member services are therefore exclusive to revenue of DEEP LAYER INC., the authorized reseller and publisher of "Beyond War".

As such, effort to sell or demand the sale of such property is an effort to breach contracts and a felony in the Criminal Code of the State of Oklahoma, themed an organized form of Interstate racketeering subject The Hobbs Act and Title 18 Chapter 95 and 96 rule. Anonymous approach to make demands or claims in this nature will be construed lawfully as criminal threats and are inconsistent with ordinary business activity in the United States or other protected (1st Amendment) activity.