Ongoing Security Threats

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Initially in 2020 we were concerned by Black Lives Matter (BLM), due to similar rhetoric used to incite violence against our family members and carry out a fraud. As of 2022, we have to report that the regional BLM event promoters have been very positive and all events have been peaceful and civil in the City of Ada - thanks to the effort of local leadership and Tribal support in Southeastern Oklahoma.

Ongoing threats appear to be racially motivated against ethnic characteristics of our staff, including anti-Chickasaw and anti-Chinese defamation by a Dallas Texas engineer operating at DEPREF.NET in Reykjavik Iceland to attempt to blackmail our family and in impersonation of the deceased mother of our company founder - in a fraud to obtain her home.

This punctuates why "DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC.", "COGENT COMMUNICATIONS", and "EQUINIX" businesses at the 2323 Bryan St Dallas Texas location themed "D4" and also "D3" data center on Stemmons Freeway are BARRED ALL COMMERCIAL SERVICE AND SUPPORT BY SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. for cause. We do not support terrorism, and will not be intimidated or subjected to racial slurs like being called "olive" or "greaser" used in threats by those companies employee.

Impersonation of our employees on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MYSPACE and elsewhere by these employees of TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES are ongoing in 2021 November to 2022. Any contact by those firms or SCARBROUGH DESIGNS (SDC), "AKA DESIGNS", "ALLYKATT", "ALICIA SCARBROUGH" or other members of her group known to us as "FEARCAST" in Enid Oklahoma and Tulsa Oklahoma, and "INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS LLC" in State of Arkansas; will be denied and logged as harassment in a pattern of criminal threats.

Impersonation of HALLIBURTON OIL EMPLOYEES and specific persons to obtain SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS in 2022 May are related to demands by U.S. Mail for over $60,000 USD in violation of Federal Law, and are a fraud related to concealment of a child in WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION to extort.