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The firm is a limited liability company (LLC), and therefore does not offer stock as LLC organizations do not constitute stock in Oklahoma. Oklahoma Law obligates they use "Membership Certificates".

Memberships Certificates for the LLC are negotiable instruments, representing members of the partnership, and are generally not leveraged or made collateral for any demand or claim under the SARBANES-OXLEY ACT of 2002, as privately held instruments.

SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP (SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.) does not act as issuer or agent under FINRA rule for any third party, but instead verifies the registered nature of inquiries for the actual issuer of securities in Oklahoma as governed by the OKLAHOMA SECURITIES ACT and Federal SECURITIES ACT OF 1934.

As a result, you may apply to be confirmed an 'accredited investor' in preliminary screening by our office, at the direction of other companies who rely on our recommendation prior affording contact with their Board of Directors or other officer of record authorized to deal in securities of that firm, its issuance, or other prospectus rules. These requirements are set in Federal and State Law, and non-negotiable.

SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP provides a portfolio of non-securities for option to other investors - including traditional kickstarter and sponsor products such as placement and advertising in online communities and multi-user games, to maximize brand identification with key audiences and decision makers who enjoy those technical hobbies and privacy.

Persons seeking to purchase BEYOND WAR should refer to 3rd party subscription services, handled by "DEEP LAYER INC." Deep Layer Inc. is the only authorized subscription provider for that product, owned by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in franchise rights.

Harassment of those offices will be enjoined to a criminal complaint of securities fraud to injure our equity and stakeholders illegally, now before the U.S. Attorney General's Office as of 2020 May - made in written threats sustained in 2007-2021 by persons engaged in human trafficking and child kidnapping. POSSESSION is a right, not a privilege, and failure to afford POSSESSION that is a thing of legal record to a party having such legal right is kidnapping, contrary any denial by the kidnappers.