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Pice Theory & History

Editorial: James Allen
Date: July 15 2022

Consumers have an issue with tier IV Engineer fees.


In the days prior COVID-19 and supply chain collapse, as far back as the 1990s, consumer audiences have resented high value service fees.

Medical and automotive insurance made these costs easier to bear in large consumer markets, but did not do the same for specialist electronic communications and data transport systems like Cisco Systems, Lucent Definity Metro Telephone Exchanges (Key Systems), and high end microcomputer and server and discrete processor products like NVIDIA and ProTools imaging and audio equipment. Licensing costs for these products could easily exceed $10,000 USD per user per year.

At Sykes Enterprises, a $500,000 purchase of telephone system equipment was the first endorsement required for the new Ada facility. Its features now compare to the box at our office at 130 N Country Club Rd, twenty (20) years later, by the Digium Corporation.

The deployment, administration, and operation of commercial "metro-class" computer and telephone equipment systems themed "Private Branch Exchange" (PBX) or "Key systems", brought these services to commercial customers like Toshiba, Best Buy USA, and AT&T along with labor and operators trained and managed to carry out high class enterprise customer service and account management.

While "operators" are not "engineers", they are like "Accepted" Masons versus "operative" Masons, admitting that they may direct and assist in the finding of information and alarm to persons proficient in the Craft even if such person is themself not expert in the Craft sought by the petition.

In a very real sense, without suggestion of Masonic Authority or charter, this role of being a public agent of the Master or specialist in a field to discern the real need and application of the customer without disclosure of the secrets of the craftsman or their temple, which are often on entry evident to the layperson and guarded both in design and in the relationships and company and association of the craftsman with his (or her) fellows, creates a layer of service for front-of-house and "back-of-house" service in technical service above retail and field engineering activity.

It is wrong, further, to suggest that the craft is the license of a State or any State authority or Regent or Board, from whom the license or commission are a right to work or practice or seek or discover knowledge; by which a "degree" or "patent" shall restrict the lesser to obedience or obligation not a contract or law made.

Laws to govern and restrict the practice of some craft, like surgery or medical opinion which on formal utterance and record made are "orders" of the court duly filed a service of the State for which judges and other officers may rely; but in the implied taking of such right broadly made that suggest a "RIGHT TO WORK" is a privilege conditioned some other obligation or payment or duty, is a crime in Oklahoma and Indian Territory.

The titles of such work, like "Engineer", are further litigated and settled law made to prohibit the State, Board, City Council, or other body to assume such title a monopoly, so provided in United States Constitution Article I section 9 and 10, unlike protected practices and authority ens legis and a legal fiction held to say one holds a "license" to work in those fields duty made monopoly at law.

In short, you cannot call yourself a "Doctor" or "M.D." of medical services in a State like Oklahoma; unless you hold the commission to the franchise of the practice of medicine.

Likewise, you may not hold the title "Attorney" or "practice" legal services - that is: charge money for the representation of others or give advice themed to be the advice of the State made authority in you as their licensed agent.

However, none of those monopolies in the "practice" prohibit the use of medicine or medical findings at your own sole discretion for your own care in authority over your own body, in public discussion of the legal question or academic quality subject of public question, or in care for your children which is not contrary clear medical advice and consensus of reason and rational action.

In short, caring for yourself and your child in the medical needs that are natural law are not consumed by this monopoly. To include discussion and speech to debate and express your views as a non-physician on what you believe, a legal right (II-22) upheld in Oklahoma where it is not wrongly and expressly circulated as "medical advice" or "medical practice" in the trade for-payment or other advantage. See also, Oklahoma Constitution Article II Section II-37.

The reading of the law, in statute and code, is further protected in this public legal dialog and opinion, affirmation of evident authority reserved to persons regardless of their non-attorney and not-an-agent-of-the-court, and Natural Law that provides them all legal right to protect their private property and other registered property in concert with ordinary and well intended rights not to be dismissed or for-sale-or-duty-owing withheld (II-6), and to be respected by all persons regardless of lack of other orders or in conflict with illegal orders (II-2 and II-33), of which speak to other rights not lent the commission of a government, city, state, or municiple council in Western Law.

The cost of defending against these matters when people's entitlement to their unjustified monopoly or authority over public affairs and public authority are abused to engage in illicit taking and pressure experts to submit to those tyrannical abuses; imposes a high cost similar to legal service fees and medical fees on the legitimate expert operator.

These "operators", field personnel and active engagement builders and not to be confused with "accepted" members in administrative and clerical roles; undergo great risk not only to their professional earnings - but to their lives, family, and children in contesting public fraud and graft activity which ordinarily arise to their level of "combat arms in logic systems and regulatory enforcement".

Jesse James once called his work in this area "Regulators", and similar terms are used throughout history to suggest opposition to corrupt municiple, county, or State abuse of public office should be "ex juris" (outlaws) in alarm to raise defense and quash their discovery and testimony before the Master of the temple or institution that they are seeking to serve and protect.

College programs, outside of the United States Army Ranger School and Intelligence Foward Operations Corp do not teach these skill sets or advise persons having a liberal choice of other employment pursue those disputes and conflicts with any dependents, children, elderly family, or material property other than what the cadre and corp provide those heavy operators.

If you need the technical and legal equivalent of "Special Forces" to address systemic corruption, insider theft, foreign state-sponsored terrorism, foreign military intrusion in commercial and sensitive communications, or direct threat activity incorporating strong-arm extortion and blackmail with inter-jurisdictional and international components not affording ordinary law or civil procedure; then this is the class of service technician that you are seeking in "Heavy Operators".

The Term "Heavy" comes from 1950s paperback novel Science Fiction by Robert Heinlein, which suggest deep insertion asymetric warfare signal warfare and logistics intelligence forward observer capability in hostile environments with solitary field work; backed by short defined deployment and recovery cycles with long rest and rearmament cycles of up to 10 years between major practice, then you have established the payroll cycle for "Heavy Operator" pricing and cost deployment.

Heavy Operator roles are "emergency action" and "interdiction" units, made necessary when ordinary quality and process control systems fail or become unresponsive to cultural invasive corrupt practices. Heavy Operators will often be responsible for the termination of 70,000 people in a single six-month engagement cycle; which generate a lot of ill will with the disbursement of divisions of larger organizations and cities economic interest in divisions and benefits subject to evaluation by operator reports.

As a result, fees for such activity are considerable - like executive officer compensation for projects at the Director and Executive term contract level; to facilitate escape/security and retirement options after such action should elements sustain their conflict in the region following end of ordinary employment or termination for cause or winding-down of business divisions and programs after evaluation of human resources validity of misssion and capability.

Many people "blame and hold long standing resentment" toward "Heavy Operator" mission personnel, in the same way that civilians in a military operation fail to comprehend their liability for decisions or actions taken in the context of their industrial or economic capacity to support front-line activity and presence near strategic targets in conflict void ordinary peacetime security or protection against victims of their State or foreign policy of their government in actions.

When companies are engaged in large-scale fraud and exortion, misuse of services and privileged access, and persistent beyond a limited engagement - as with "unqualified outsourcing firms" in the technology industry, these "company level grievances" can expand to overt organized unregistered labor criminal activity and Interstate gang activity, from which ordinary law enforcement are virtually powerless to identify, assess, or act against across multiple jurisdictions.

Fees of $200 USD, for Heavy Operator roles and duties, therefore are minimum per hour; with retainer fees of $10,000 USD (50 hours) in blocks of time a considerate minimum purchase. A $150,000 USD block would therefore be at discount rate 15x50 or 750 hours of service labor.

Where 2200 hours constitutes a full year of W2 employment at 40 hours per week and 50 weeks per year; and such personnel do not get Federal Holidays or other breaks off with pay - due to undercover and intense sprints against numerically superior counter-parties; these hours are typical for a 2.5 client booking per fiscal year; affording 2 clients per operator and a 20% "downtime" to recoup, rearm, and sustain ordinary family and private life.

To sustain work, Operators ordinarily work in pairs, unless threat is very low.

So your average book cost is $300,000 USD per six-month term for two operators; with a 12 month maximum term in most engagements and cost of $600,000 USD per site.

Primary degrees like PhD, Masters, and Bachelors programs do not provide in 7, 5, or 4 years the experience necessary to enter this field; and operators are recruited from military service members, military families, expert professional services leading fields and companies; and are by definition not the people you call to "fix your desktop PC" at those prices.

We have people for that, also, as low in fee as $20/instance or $500/year with annual plan; who do those jobs separately.

But if you expect "Heavy Operator" personnel to show up for those rates, that's not realistic.

Even if they do - because pro bono work and assisting the elderly and (legally) disabled is a part of our training for selfless service in the cadre; those are not what you should place your "expectations" upon as a consumer seeking service and labor.

For $20/hour, you are getting a $10-$15/hr worker with minimal "Affordable Healthcare Act" coverage, who is reasonably competent to act as a pair of hands and pick-up, deliver, install, remove, set-up, and turn on your Windows PC at the direction of a "Heavy Operator" or "operator" or senior technician on-call if they encounter any issues.

Hopefully they don't try to "pry the CPU out of the socket with a ball point pen" - like one technician who actually fled the scene after doing so and snapping the pen, spilling ink all over the computer, and destroying the PeoplePC machine they were (subcontracted) to service by that company. We (SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.) try very hard not to hire "That" kind of labor. Today's medical marijuanna laws (which prohibit discrimination for use on-the-job and in many public places) make it difficult.

One of our clients is "literally allergic to marijuanna" and has on several occassions had to call us out because he could not go into the house of his customers due to the smell.

This is an "occupational hazard" in PC repair, even in businesses at restaurants and public places, now.

And it affects the quality of service you get for $15/hour as well.

So while SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. would like to charge you only $20/hour or incident for your service; we usually sell equipment that costs $6500 per card to commercial workstation customers and businesses. Even dropping one of those devices half an inch can cost well over $10,000 in replacement and sourcing and taxes.

So our fees are proportionate to those liability and insurance risks; for our specific select customer base and "scientific computing" and "industrial computer applications" which you may not be familiar with in your home or small office in Pontotoc county or any business in North America outside of real multinational computer labs and major server equipment facilities.

We will not "commit" staff to pro bono or charity services, or to low rate contract roles in a "dedicated agent" contract obligating a specific staffer, because those personnel who *may* visit or perform work for you are not guaranteed for less than $600,000 USD in other capacities and on-demand deployment for rates consistent with alarm and urgency contracts up to $2000/hour.

Our entire goal is to help you avoid entering into a $2000/hour emergency incident, and to help you understand that the loss of business for correct and full-time industrial use of networks and computer systems easily exceeds $2000/hour in billable loss-of-sales for some customers, who are happy to see us and quick to throw a check toward our agent after they put out the fire. Their problem: is that the check is due on arrival; prior best-effort, and not conditioned the recovery or incapacity to recover data arising from other contractors or their own labor contributing to such defect of process that instigated calling in the "Emergency" team.

Some (vested) customers are perfectly fine with that. If you are not, or those fees are "price sensitive" to your budget or liquidity in operational capital; talk to us before you have a crisis to avoid one; not when it happens or after you learn the terms are not subject to negotiation.

Of course our competitors will pledge better terms, satisfaction, money back, etc. But we tell you the truth. We don't make promises and deliver just enough to get paid, or stab it with a pen and then leave in anger. And that's why people chose our service. We are up-front with our costs, liability, and are always happy to work with a vested and legitimate company that has a strong back-office awareness of the capital value of lost production time to appreciate our strong direction to redundancy and hot-standby solutions and proper prior maintenance and process development, similar ISO disaster methods adopted after our practice was very widely known.

The saddest thing is that people, seeing how lucrative this is when it doesn't go wrong, try to lobby for and license for monopoly over what we do to impersonate our services and personnel; from which a $15/hour screwhead will end up presenting a "letter patent" of specialization or vendor-specific certification suggesting a broad and superior skill made solely by "withholding of vital information" by the vendor to enable skimming off the market and subordinating clients to a new class of vested education "underwriting", depriving customers of what they need most: the ability to use their own damn product and carry out all the repairs, maintenance, and long-term management of those infrastructure platforms in-house. Our goal is to sustain and direct clients to that vendor list which does not engage in those "bad faith practices", and contention from such "Bad Faith" actors is never-ending.

So much so, that our fees resemble "legal costs" just to deal with constant intimidation and interference in our ordinary "RIGHT TO WORK" (XXIII-1A) role and authority.

Perhaps if we outlawed more monopolies - and barred companies from creating "designed obsolesance" and "recurring license" to replace "perpetual license" terms; this would reduce costs?

As such, we - too - are victims of those "recurring license" and "maintenance" fee schemes to keep the tools required to carry out service and repair on specialist systems; and like a mechnic that must maintain a shop and lift and insurance over personnel working on such moving equipment with high liablity of injury (both financial and physical), our fees reflect those conditions of the market.

We thank you for understanding these costs, and how they force us to charge fees that can be intimidating to laypersons and unskilled labor; a barrier to those persons's ability to enter market and compete with natioanlly-capitalized firms active use of this scheme and educational fraud in technology services.

Our hope is to develop a good working relationship and accomodate reasonable risk and scheduling to afford you the best personnel you can obtain for the least cost, without being tricked by some firm that sends $15/hour staff to do $150/hour work for your company.

In closing, in truth there is no "Tier IV" Engineer class; only personnel with more industry experience and integrity than Tier I-III who are working contrary undermining by State-educated student-debt-programs to believe that some letter or award grant them superior right to take your money and set prices according to their own lesser commitment of service and liablity.

We hope you appreciate our candor, and reach out to us with our request for quote.

Our Senior Agent is available for questions at +18.666.900.666 Mon-Fri 9-4 CDT. It's an easy number to remember. Dial 18, then the Devil, then 900 because it will cost money, and the Devil again. If you aren't 18 (years of age), don't dial the number, as the area code suggests. Telephony guys are funny like that about making memorable numbers. But, you will never forget it.

Isn't that what you want for your business?

Alternatively if you are an old "303" fan (Denver Hackers), dial +1 (980) 303.3236 for Heavy Operator Program (HOP) Services at RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, to request a HOP evaluation. 3236 spell out "FAFO", a popular meme with self-defense and 2nd Amendment proponents, geared toward network security activity and monitoring.

RTI "HOP" groups are a franchise for the original "Heavy Operator Program" training and cadre at SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., and franchise services can get placement in more States than the limited liability company cares to reach. Most "Heavy Operator" contracts will be referred to RTI after evaluation, as core cadre are only available in Pontotoc County and Oklahoma County, State of Okahoma at this time.

And remeber to use the Western Door at those office locations, by appointment only.

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