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Animal Care Tips

Editorial: James Allen
Date: July 15 2022

  1. Good Food, regular food, and plenty of fresh water.
  2. Talk to your animals, they like that.
  3. Always notice them, even in passing.
  4. Filter the water (ZeroWater Recommended) Tap water is not made for small animals.
  5. If you suspect an illness, call the vet.
  6. If you notice odd behavior, call the vet.
  7. (Vet) Blood tests are early warning tools.
  8. Take time to spend with your pets.
  9. Don't assume other people are good to your pet.
  10. Trust your Pet's reaction to other people.
  11. Emotion is first, words are secondary language.
  12. Learn to read body language like words.

People are, perhaps, the dumbest animal - in that they operate in the world of "logos" (words), often exclusively of the body langauge and other forms of communication common among all other animals.

What you say with your body is 70% of what you communicate. Words are not much. Speak with your motions, your touch, your firmness or lightness, and with your eyes.

These are things you will not be taught in "English" or other modern language.

Understanding of these things makes us better animals and better at creating realistic and immersive environments for our applications and simulation products. We can, therefore, learn a lot from an "animal", that modern education simply has no concept of.

When you walk with someone, you will talk to them even if you say nothing by how you move. Learn these things if you wish to know others. The answer to your question and why you are invited may require the journey.

Humans make terrible pets, because of all creatures they are the least aware that they are not the same as the creatures around them that look like them.

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